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Blog Post: Livingdocs is on the shortlist for the "Best of Swiss Web Awards"

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title: Livingdocs is on the shortlist for the "Best of Swiss Web Awards"
authors: "Alain M. Lafon"
category: 200ok
date-created: 2019-03-01
tags: livingdocs
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Get on the bandwagon and sign up for the great CMS SaaS offering of
featured-image: /img/2019/03/livingdocs_swisscom-tv_whitepaper.png
Excited to see that our good friends from
[Livingdocs]( are on the [shortlist]( for the
[Best of Swiss Web Awards]( with their project for Swisscom TV
where 200ok has been involved with since the end of 2017. You can read
the whitepaper here:
Livingdocs is a growing Startup based in Zurich. Their product is a
modern Web Content Creation and Publishing System, in use at large
corporations. However, if you have any use cases for CMSs (and who
doesn't?^^): Their product is also great for smaller and bigger
publishers alike - you can [sign up to their SaaS product for free]( and try it out yourself!
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