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Blog Post: ETH VIScon Hackathon and Symposium 2018

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title: ETH VIScon Hackathon and Symposium 2018
authors: Alain M. Lafon
category: 200ok
date-created: 2018-10-06
tags: vis, eth, viscon, hackathon, mentor, mentoring
uuid: 8b7c369b-e5ea-4294-bf48-531f57a1058d
description: >-
Alain was invited to be a mentor of this years ETH VIScon Hackathon.
featured-image: /img/2018-10/VIScon_flyer.png
The ETH society for students studying Computer Science
([VIS]( has invited Alain to
serve as a mentor during this years 3 day [Hackathon / Symposium](
The Hackathon is fully booked with about a hundred participants. So
far, it has been an awesome event! From the obvious points like the
location (ETH), to catering (round the clock fresh food and drinks) and
the friction-less and professional organization, it was just a great
way to spend the weekend.
Here are some impressions:
<a href="/img/2018-10/VIScon_banner.jpg"><img src="/img/2018-10/VIScon_banner_small.jpg" /></a>
<a href="/img/2018-10/VIScon_hackathon_room.jpg"><img src="/img/2018-10/VIScon_hackathon_room_small.jpg" /></a>
<a href="/img/2018-10/VIScon_symposium_room.jpg"><img src="/img/2018-10/VIScon_symposium_room_small.jpg" /></a>
Thank you, Max Schrimpf ([vice president of VIS](, for inviting me as a mentor!
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