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title: Hack4Glarus Hackathon in Linthal
authors: Alain M. Lafon
category: 200ok
date-created: 2018-11-16
tags: 200ok, ungleich, ungleich glarus ag,
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[Hack4Glarus]( is the first hackathon of
Glarus. Hack4Glarus is hosted by our partner company
[ungleich glarus ag]( This will be the third
incarnation and it will be on the weekend from 2018-11-30 until
We from 200ok will be there as well - as are our friends from the
[Insopor Zen Academy]( Join us for three great
days of hacking, fun and learning!
Last time we built and released our open source Crowdfunding and and Equity
funding platform [Swiss Crowdfunder](project/swiss-crowdfunder.html)
which was immediately successfully used to raise over a quarter million
Swiss franks for the [Data Center Light](
The event itself was really successful and we got a
[great article in the newspaper Südostschweiz about 200ok and ungleich](posts/200ok-in-the-media.html).
Join the event now on the [dedicated page]( or
on [ Meetup ](
## More information
**Where does Hack4Glarus take place?**
It will happen at [Spinnerei Linthal](, a very cool old factory hall at Linthal.
What will be provided at Hack4Glarus?
- food and drinks
- place to sleep
- very cool environment
What do I need to bring to Hack4Glarus?
- great ideas
- a sleeping bag
- your awesome self
And there’s an extra: Fridolinpass.
If you have an extraordinarily good idea, apply for Fridolinpass!
Write us why you should participate Hack4Glarus, and how will the
community benefit from your hacking. For the ones who win
Fridonlinpass we will cover her/his travel cost within Switzerland to
**How can I apply?**
[Apply here]( and submit your ideas!
**Attention: only limited number of seats are available. Apply now!**
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