Commit 8cc105e1 authored by Alain M. Lafon's avatar Alain M. Lafon

fix: Before we had the title " - 200ok" for all non-blog pages

parent 28f143d0
......@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@
:content (meta-description meta-data)}]))
(defn title [global-meta post-meta]
(or (str (:title post-meta) " - 200ok")
(:site-title global-meta)))
(if-let [post-title (:title post-meta)]
(str post-title " - 200ok")
(:site-title global-meta)))
(defn opengraph-meta [global-meta post-meta]
[[:meta {:property "og:title" :content (title global-meta post-meta)}]
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