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Open sourcing VoiceRepublic under the GPL

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title: Open sourcing under the GPL
authors: Phil Hofmann, Alain M. Lafon
category: 200ok
date-created: 2019-05-14
tags: voicerepublic, opensource
uuid: d17237d6-62c7-419a-a521-0154599f88ff
description: >-
The professional live audio streaming and archiving of events
platform has been open sourced under the GPL license.
featured-image: /img/products/voicerepublic.png
In an collaborative effort with [OpnTec]( and
[FossAsia](, [200ok GmbH]( has
just open sourced all of the code of the professional live audio
streaming and archiving of events platform
[]( under the GPL license.
The project was originally created in a funded company in which [Phil
and Alain](/team.html) were sharing the role of CTO. Many big
publishers (i.e. [Frankfurter
[Fraunhofer Institute](,
Ethikrat]( have
used the platform in the past to create and distribute their content
in an open manner.
So here it is:
The ongoing plan is for OpnTec and FossAsia to build a team that runs
[]( as a service and
further develop the platform with the community. 200ok will continue
to be a contributer in building this community and bringing
VoiceRepublic into a new free and open future!
You can join the VoiceRepulic channel here:
If you're curious and want to hack away on it, a good starting point
is the [vr-devbox](
repository which sets up a dev VM using vagrant.
<a href="/img/products/voicerepublic_lp_full.png">
<img src="/img/products/voicerepublic_lp_small.png">
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