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Swiss crowdfunder release 1.1

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title: New release of our OSS crowdfunding platform
authors: Alain M. Lafon
category: 200ok
date-created: 2018-10-14
tags: swiss crowdfunder, oss,, ruby, rails
uuid: E93EB457-D23A-43FF-9F27-FB6F60829EF1
description: >-
Release 1.1 of Swiss Crowdfunder featuring: Translatable user
generated content
Swiss Crowdfunder is an OSS crowd funding and equity funding platform
which we are building together with [ungleich](
We just released version 1.1 which now features translatable user
generated content. This is another unique selling proposition of Swiss
Crowdfunder compared to other platforms - you are now able to market
your campaign in multiple countries targeted through their unique
Here's the gist of what it gives you:
Here are the full release notes:
- User generated content (Campaigns and Googies) is translated (Using
- Rails i18n and globalize)
- Switch the language in the back-office (ActiveAdmin) while editing
- a resource and hit save
- Now all content (pages and user generated content) is translated!
- Introduce Rubocop for linting
- Integration tests run with Firefox headless instead of Chromium
- Upgrade from CircleCI v1 to v2
- Upgrade to Rails 5.1.6 (latest in 5.1.x branch) and remove
- deprecation messages
- Goody validates presence of :title, :description
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