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TODO The atom feed has things in random order

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......@@ -157,10 +157,21 @@
***** TODO The image is not optimal. It doesn't show for FB and Twitter seems to need a 1:1 crop.
*** PROJECT Feed
**** TODO The atom feed has things in random order
- This is a serious issue, because our newest blog posts _do not_ show
up in the Atom feed.
- This [[][has lately been fixed for the RSS feed in Perun]], but not for
- Even if we wanted to switch to RSS, I do not know how to make use
of Perun =master= which isn't published to clojars. I asked about
that in #perun:
**** TODO Fix categories in feed
*** PROJECT Sitemap
**** TODO [#A] fix the sitemap
**** TODO fix categories in feed
**** TODO [#C] weirdly, adding a rss-feed seems to have fixed the order of entries in the atom-feed, albeit the order in the rss-feed seems to be wrong. wtf
**** TODO Add language field to Post
- Schema: BlogPosting =inLanugage= or similar
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