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Update the X1 Carbon article

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......@@ -67,3 +67,25 @@
There's one slight adjustment we made, in order to have a longer
battery life: In `/etc/lenovo.conf`, I set the cpu temp threshold for
battery to 80C instead of 85C.
Update: 2018-09-27, 11am
Based on the [Intel
on my CPU (i7-8550U) it seems that with the 'fix', the CPU potentially
draws a lot more power for longer times than it is designed to do (see
the TDP numbers in the sheet). This whole clocking issue seems to be
an issue for people that really know what they're doing - and I feel I
don't have all the information to make a reasonable decision to
overrule the defaults. I have the feeling that the CPU can do 4GHz,
but isn't supposed to do it for longer than a couple of seconds,
because then it would get too hot and draw too much power.
Since I was content with the speed of the machine before the fix and I
don't want to run the danger of melting my machine, I'm personally going to
disable the fix. I know that some people have been running with the
'fix' present on their machines for months, so I'm not saying that
it's the wrong thing to do. I'm just personally going to tread on the
safe side.
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