Commit f9ecbf41 authored by Phil Hofmann's avatar Phil Hofmann

Merge branch 'remove-rss' into 'master'

Remove RSS in favor of Atom

See merge request !142
parents 7c9663d4 10f09023
Pipeline #5832 passed with stage
in 8 minutes and 49 seconds
......@@ -237,12 +237,8 @@
(perun/atom-feed :filterer #(is-of-type? % "posts")
;; setting base-url explicitly is a quickfix for
;; a perun bug of some sort
:base-url "")
(perun/rss :filterer #(is-of-type? % "posts")
:filename "rss.xml")
(perun/atom-feed :filterer #(is-of-type? % "posts"))
(perun/tags :renderer 'ok.tags/render
:filterer #(is-of-type? % "posts")
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