Commits (2)
name: Alex Mihov
title: Software Engineer
image: /img/alex.jpg
email: alex@200ok.ch
position: 30
uuid: 21908556-bd55-40fb-9ce0-89935c37a3bd
Alex has a BA in computer science. His focus at 200ok is on web
related projects.
The constant advancements and new technologies in the domain of web
development are very much in sync with Alex' wish to tackle and
hopefully solve new problems every day.
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title: Software Engineer title: Software Engineer
email: carl@200ok.ch email: carl@200ok.ch
image: /img/carl.jpg image: /img/carl.jpg
position: 30 position: 31
uuid: dadad064-e504-43e9-9eab-d66223753a49 uuid: dadad064-e504-43e9-9eab-d66223753a49
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name: Mischa Steiner
title: Software Engineer
email: mischa@200ok.ch
image: /img/mischa.jpg
position: 40
uuid: 107750aa-afb0-4e9e-aaec-cb50bce98d37
Mischa used to be cook, waiter, owner and business executive. With 20
years experience in gastronomy, his current focus is building workflow
systems in this area. He also studied computer science and works as a
web developer.